Monday, 8 April 2013

Time for a reboot?!...

Well my training has been very stop, start this year (as one or two of you may have noticed from previous blog posts), but after watching the videos on MTTV from the Manx Telecom Parish Walk launch event, it got me more enthusiastic about competing and I wanted to get out there and get some miles under my belt.

The first opportunity to train came over the Easter weekend, however, I had promised to take my girls swimming and not wanting to break that promise, I sacrificed my walk that day, the next day saw us going to a Christening and then lunch at my parents house, where Lucy took her first steps after months of trying to walk on her own! Easter Monday arrived and I was reminded that Holly and Lucy had been invited to the Easter Bunny trains at Groudle for their friend.s Birthday party, and not wanting to miss seeing their faces when they met the Easter Bunny I chose to go along (which I'm really glad I did as they both loved it)! A big Monday night roast at the in-laws followed so my long weekend of what should have been filled with walks across the Island, was spend with my amazing family. I know this blog is supposed to encourage all the reads to get out there and start walking, I'm conscious that I don't want to miss out on the days out with my wife and kids, which is something that looked like happening!

Prioritising is something we all must do and I know that I may have missed out about 30 miles worth of walking, but missing Lucy's first real steps on Easter Sunday would have been gutting (I can always make up the lost miles)!

The past weekend, we went to my cousin Ellan's wedding (congratulations to Ellan & Tony!), and there I was speaking with my mate (and fellow Parish Walk finisher), Liam Parker, who is a former under 21 winner in 2011. After a few drinks we agreed that starting training too early didn't seem to suit members of the football fraternity (as the season doesn't finish until May)! Liam mentioned that he starts his training in April as he looses his enthusiasm if he starts too early... I finally realised that this is exactly how I had been feeling. We both agreed that training should start properly the next day and I was pleased to read on Facebook that Liam had completed 15 miles during the afternoon (whilst I'd been sat watching Everton miss out on 3 points against Spurs). I felt guilty, so headed out for a couple of hours and got about 9 miles in... Not as much as I wanted to do, but better than nothing.

Tonight I agreed with my very understanding wife that I would finish work a bit earlier than normal and get out walking the old tried and tested route from my house in Douglas to Laxey and back (15 miles). It took me just over 3 hours and 15 minutes, which wasn't too bad, I lost time on the return leg where I lost a bit of focus, something that can happen on the big day, so it's worth working on. The training is now well and truly rebooted and I hope to kick own from here!

Though I should mention that in my last post I stated that the use of earphones/MP3players was banned, well I was reliable informed by readers of the blog, that they were not banned, but were not encouraged (as you may not be able to hear instructions from the marshals), apologies to anyone who I misinformed. I genuinely remember reading in previous years that they were not allowed, but maybe this rule has changed in the last few years?

One concern I do have is will my iPhone battery last throughout the full 85 mile walk, or should I acquire a non smartphone, whose battery will last considerable longer that Apple's otherwise amazing phone! I think a mobile phone is a must in order to keep in contact with your back-up crew. Let me know your thoughts?

Well that's all for now folks, keep an eye out for the next exciting instalment of my Parish Walk blog!


  1. Hi Paul, I used my Iphone, I turned everything off and used it just as a phone!!! (novel i know!) and it lasted the whole way. Glad you are back to it and seem like you are more focused. Good luck over the next few weeks. Are you doing the Sara Killey??

  2. I bought a little samsung dumb-phone for races. It cost me a whole £1 online and I only have the numbers of people I need in there (support team, family etc). It weighs nothing, the battery lasts forever and it has a T9 keypad which makes it easier for dialing/texting on the move than trying to type on a touch-screen. The battery is also measured in weeks rather than hours and I don't care if it gets dropped or wet!

    I also got a tiny (1.5" square) archos MP3 player with a battery life of 20+ hours so that I'm not reliant on just the one device for music AND phone.

  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I will get a cheap PAYGmobile I think? I was speaking with Steve Partington today who recommended the Sara Killey Walk, so think I'll put an entry in for that.

  4. Hi Paul

    Not sure about iPhone, but I had an old iPod Touch on for about 9 hours at the weekend and the battery only dropped to about 50%. I'm using some loose-fitting earphones so that I can still hear what's going on around me.

    Definitely a good idea to have a separate phone and MP3 player: I ran down the battery on my phone twice on training walks by using it to play MP3s before I dusted off the iPod. Having said that my phone is a relic with a battery to match :)

    Good luck with the reboot!