Sunday, 25 November 2012

Injured before I start... that's just 'swell' !

This picture was taken on 22nd September 2012 after Ramsey combination's game with Corinthians... it is the main reason why my training for next years Parish Walk is yet to start properly! A late challenge from an opposing player left me in a lot of pain and after having an x-ray, the doctor advised me that it wasn't broken, but was badly sprained. From what should have been a 3 to 6 week lay off, I am now in week 9 of 'recovery' and my ankle still hasn't returned to its original size. I'm getting ocassional pain, but am able to go out for the odd wander during the evenings as the dog won't walk himself!
I was hoping to take part in the Winter Walking League, but my ankle isn't quite ready for me to give it a proper go, so will wait a couple more weeks before attempting anything that resembles a 'big walk'.

My first thought after getting injured was about how much of a major setback this would be,  it really got me down. After taking time to think about my training regime, I wrote a training plan and set up a timetable of when I'll train and how far I'll walk on each outing (something I may not have bothered with if I was fit), every cloud and all that!
Will my ankle hold up to the hard training I have planned? Watch this space...


  1. Looks awful. You icing it every night?

    1. Not icing it anymore, have just been resting it mostly. I did manage an hour and a half's walk yesterday without any problem, so will start building my training up form there.