Wednesday, 9 January 2013

And so it begins...

On Sunday 6th January, I started my training with a great 2 hour 'run out'. The walk was only arranged about 4 hours beforehand when I got a message on Facebook from my friend and local walker, Richard Creer. Richard is just getting over an injury and wants to clock up some miles, which is perfect for me as this is the stage I'm at (and once Richard gets up to full speed I wouldnt be able to keep up for more than a few minutes!).

We'd decided to walk from the NSC to Groudle, via Douglas Promenade and then turn back after we'd been walking for an hour. I arrived dressed in my new training gear (so skin tight that Spider-Man would at felt well at home in it) and we set off after a quick warm up and stretch.

Everything was going well and my ankle which has caused me so many problems since I injured it back in September felt fine, maybe this was a breakthrough and I could push on?... well not exactly. After reaching the last street lamp on Onchan head just on the hour mark, we turned back, only for me to go over on my ankle after tripping on a grid cover which was raised on the pavement. I looked worried as I thought this may spark another period of rest for my ankle and Richard was concerned (probably because we had both left our phones in the car and he might have had to carry me back!), I managed to walk off the pain, and it gave me the satisfaction of knowing that I might be able to do so again during the Parish Walk if the situation arises?

We returned to the NSC in under an hour, which was pretty good going for me, although had I been out on my own, I doubt I would have pushed myself as hard as my muscles were tired and starting to tighten up. Training with someone else is a great way to beat the boredom that can creep into walking long distances, especially as when the big day arrives you will not be allowed to use your Ipod or radio.

I'm hoping to get out this weekend for a walk to Laxey and back... check the blog to see if I actually do or not!

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