Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The First of Many...

I went out for my first training walk on Saturday and am happy to report that my ankle held up to the seven miles, even if I was slightly slower than expected (my plan is to get the miles in first and worry about my pace later). I took the picture above as I was coming past Nobles Park to prove that even in December the weather can be nice enough for everyone to get out there and get some miles under their belts!

Balancing my training and home life is something that is very important. Weekend training shouldn't be too much trouble, but with having 2 children it's difficult to get out training on a week night until after 8:00pm as I work all day and only get about 2 hours of 'family time' in the evening before my daughters go to bed. Juggling family life and training will prove challenging over the coming months and I'm sure that others will be in this same position... I just hope your spouse/partner is as understanding as mine!

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